An hour-long podcast where we talk with casting directors about their careers, the films they help to make, and how the faces we all know and love found the limelight. 

Episode 03 - Donna Morong

Episode 03 - Donna Morong

Today we get a chance to chat with Donna Morong at her Aquila Morong Studio in Hollywood. Donna was part of the team at Disney that cast the first films of a lot of faces you are going to recognize, including the Oscar Winning and nominated cast of Gone Baby Gone, Anne Hathaway from Princess Diaries, or how about Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Julia Styles in 10 Things I Hate about You? She also was casting director on Annapolis, The Hot Chick, and so many more, and has a lot of great stories about her work. So tune in, sit back and enjoy!

Show Notes:

Donna Morong

Bleecker Street

Circle in the Square

Martha Graham

Carol Channing

Bette Midler

Bernadette Peters

Gloria Foster

Mother Courage

Richard Schechner

Joan Macintosh

University of Michigan

William Esper

Meg Simon

Fran Kumin

Neil Simon

William Hurt

Christopher Walken

Harvey Keitel

Jerry Stiller

Judith Ivey

Sigourney Weaver

Cynthia Nixon

Barnet Kellman

Heart of Midnight

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Johanna Ray

Matthew Chapman

Dino de Laurentiis

Steve Buscemi

The Blob

Douglas Aible

Five Corners

Rachel McAdams

Heath Ledger

Chris Pine

The Hot Chick

Marcia Ross

Samuel L. Jackson

Spike Lee

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Shanghai Knights

Priscilla John

The Princess Diaries

Gail Goldberg

Anne Hathaway

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalo

Amy Poehler

Rob Schneider

Gone Baby Gone

Ben Affleck

Casey Affleck

Amy Ryan

Dick Cook

Michelle Monaghan

Morgan Freeman

Ed Harris

Titus Welliver

Morgan Saylor

McCaul Lombardi

We the Coyotes (formerly titled ‘Just a Little Bit Longer’)


James Franco

Tyrese Gibson


Roger Corman

Samuel Beckett

Quentin Dupieux


Wrong Cops


Marilyn Manson

Josef Lieck

Aquila Morong Studio

Deborah Aquila

Stella Adler

Leo Ramsey

Scott Hornbacher

Brad Barnes

Ilene Starger

Mr. Magoo

Mila Kunis

Marco La Via

Hanna Ladoul

Pretty Orphans

Risa Bramon Garcia


Casting Society of America

Intro and Outro Music

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