An hour-long podcast where we talk with casting directors about their careers, the films they help to make, and how the faces we all know and love found the limelight. 

Episode 17 - Lisa London

Episode 17 - Lisa London

Today we sit down with Casting Director Lisa London. Lisa is an enthusiastic advocate for actors, and it’s no wonder with her upbringing as a Hollywood local and industry native.

Lisa has worked on several of Adam Sandler and his company Happy Madison’s movies, including Grandma’s Boy, Sandy Wexler, and House Bunny, as well as several shows that either you or your kids will be familiar with- from Hannah Montana to The Suite Life of Zach and Cody to Supah Ninjas.

Show Notes:

Lisa London

Charlie Chappell

Jerry London


Brady Bunch

Hogan’s Heroes

The Rockford Files


The Six Million Dollar Man


Ellis Island

Richard Burton

Faye Dunaway

Danny Glover

Charleton Heston

Partridge Family

Lynn Stalmaster

Toni Howard

Father Figure

Timothy Hutton

Cassie Yates

Falcon Crest

Mariska Hargitay

The Mosquito Coast

Peter Weir

Paul Theroux

Paul Shrader

Harrison Ford

Helen Mirren

River Phoenix

Diane Crittenden


A Star is Born

Kris Kristofferson

Barbara Streisand

Star Wars: A New Hope

Get A Life

Chris Eliott

Supah Ninjas

Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus

From Start to Stardom: The Casting Director’s Guide to Aspiring Actors


Catherine Stroud

Malcolm & Eddie

Adam Sandler

Grandma’s Boy

Allen Covert

Linda Cardellini

Kevin Nealon
Joel David Moore

Doris Roberts

Shirley Jones

Nick Swardson

Kelvin Yu

Jonah Hill

40 Year Old Virgin

I Heart Huckabees

Catherine Keener

Sandy Wexler

Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star

Strange Wilderness

Justin Long

Steve Zahn

The House Bunny

Anna Faris

Colin Hanks

Emma Stone

Kat Dennings

Katharine McPhee

Easy A

The Suite Life of Zach and Cody

2 Broke Girls

Tina Fey

Amy Poehler


The Hot Chick

Rob Schneider


Mark Jones

Warwick Davis

Jennifer Aniston

Ferris Bueller Tv Show

The Edge

David Mirkin

Julie Brown

Wayne Knight

Tom Kenny

Jill Talley

Lady Gaga

Lisa’s Website



Intro and Outro Music

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