An hour-long podcast where we talk with casting directors about their careers, the films they help to make, and how the faces we all know and love found the limelight. 

Episode 07 - Corbin Bronson

Episode 07 - Corbin Bronson

Today we sit down with Casting Director Corbin Bronson.

Corbin’s seen and worked in a full range of areas in the business. He went from an agency to a management firm, learning the language of actors and all about their day to day lives, before moving on to work with Casting Directors and finally become one in his own right. And he’s worked on some amazing projects as a casting director, including Monk, Revenge, Lucifer, Eureka, and, most recently, Cloak and Dagger.

Tune in as we talk with him about fighting for more diverse and inclusive casting and his role as a casting director on some really great projects.

Show Notes:

Corbin Bronson





Cloak and Dagger


Ole Miss

Academy of Arts, San Francisco

The Young and the Restless

Meryl O’Loughlin

Marnie Saitta

Victoria Burrows

New Line Cinema

Comedy Sportz

Jason Sudeikis

Valerie McCaffrey

American History X

The Bachelor

Detroit Rock City

Austin Powers 2

Blast From The Past

There’s Something about Mary

Joe Adams

Steve Golin/ Anonymous Content

Nicole Kidman

Matthew McConaughey

Spike Jonze

David Fincher

Michel Gondry

Mark Romanek

Denise Chamian

Planet of the Apes

Minority Report

The Hunted

Benecio Del Toro

Tommy Lee Jones

Saving Private Ryan

Gore Verbinski

Catch Me If You Can

James Gandolfini

Tom Hanks

Steven Spielberg

The Mexican

Pirates of The Caribbean

Battlestar Galactica

Queen of the Damned

Michael Rymer

Richard Hatch

Eric Dawson

Robert Ulrich

Katee Sackhoff

Jamie Bamber

James Callis

Stanley Tucci

Alfred Molina

John Turturro

David Strathairn

Steve Zahn

Tony Shalhoub

Elizabeth Barnes


Jon Voight

Sean Astin

Caleb Castille


Joe Mazzello

Aaron Tveit

Chace Crawford

Tyler Hoechlin

Duke Davis Roberts

Billy Gardell

Mike & Molly

Jim Belushi

Jay Hayden

Music Within

Steven Sawalich

Ron Livingston

Melissa George

Michael Sheen

Hector Elizondo

Rebecca De Mornay

Little Monk

Teamsters Union

Anya Colloff

Amy Britt

Showrunners: The Art of running a TV show

Des Doyle

Bill Prady

Geordi LaForge/ LeVar Burton

Data/ Brent Spiner

Jack Kenny

Warehouse 13

Jaime Paglia

Bruce Miller

Todd Sharp

Corinne Clark

Jennifer Page

Tom Ellis

Lauren German

Tom Kapinos

Neil Gaiman

David Bowie

Edward James Olmos

Max Von Sydow

Olivia Holt

Aubrey Joseph

Robert J. Ulrich

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