Placing Faces is an hour long audio podcast where host Charlie Chappell sits down to talk with casting directors about their careers, the films they help to make, and how the faces we all know and love found the limelight.  


So what is this show? 

Placing Faces was created from curiousity after seeing Casting By, and is now fueled by the amazing conversations and wonderful personalities we’ve met.

The show is an attempt to highlight an all too often forgotten and extremely important role in the filmmaking process, the Casting Director. We have had the pleasure of interviewing the likes of Marci Liroff, Richard Hicks, Donna Morong, Risa Bramon Garcia, John Papsidera,  Angelique Midthunder, Robert J. Ulrich, Marsh Goodman, and are in the process of scheduling a many more.

We’ve been building a backlog and we’ll be launching the series publicly very soon. As you can see, we’ve already started with a great group of people and have an eye towards a future of speaking with great deal more. We’re delighted with the feedback we’re getting from casting directors and very enthusiastic about moving forward with the show. 

If you have any questions or would like to be part of the show please feel free to reach out to at any time. We would absolutely love to talk to you. 

Who are we? 


Charlie Chappell

A Producer/Actor who  most recently appeared in The Kid, directed by Vincent D’Onofrio. He’s the host of Placing Faces and Head of Production & Curation at 


Maria Perry

Producer and Host who most recently worked on Short on Shorts, from Colaborator. She is the producer of Placing Faces and Operations Manager at



Sample Audio Episode

The following is a sample episode from our discussion with Richard Hicks. Note that there will be intros and outros similar to most commercially available podcasts.



Is Video Involved? 


While we are primarily an audio podcast, there are certain occasions when we may request permission to shoot video, such as during roundtables or for special event based interviews. The standard audio interviews will be released on multiple different podcast platforms, such as Soundcloud, iTunes, etc, and the videos, when created, will go on social media platforms as well as the Placing Faces YouTube channel.



Our Partners

An online, de-centralized agency connecting film professionals with brands and agencies. 

Casting Society of America

A professional society of about 700 casting directors for film, tv and theater


We are also currently reaching out to potential release partners, such as Backstage, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, etc. And pending such a partnership, audio and/or video may be featured there. We will update this page with further information as we learn more.