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Episode 15 - Rich Mento

Season 2 Premiere of The Placing Faces Podcast with Casting Director Rich Mento. Rich is a wonderful casting director known for movies like the Step Up series, Warm Bodies, The Wackness, Dear John and so many others, as well as being the vice president of the Casting Society of America. We talk about the importance of mentorship, working alongside other casting directors and how to find the person that fits the role.

Episode 14 - Jen Rudin

Tonight is the night of the Artios Awards, and today we're talking to Jen Rudin, casting director and writer of 'Lucy In The Sky' which is nominated for the short film category. Listen in as we discuss her book, her work, and cycling as a casting metaphor, only on Placing Faces.

Episode 13 - Alexa Fogel

The second episode of a special set of 3 episodes all geared around the Artios Awards, the Casting Society of America’s celebration of Excellence in Casting.

On this episode, we’re chatting with casting GREAT Alexa Fogel.

You may know Alexa for projects she worked on like Oz, True Detective, The Wire, Pose, Ozark, Generation Kill, NYPD Blue, The Deuce and Atlanta.

Episode 11 - Denise Chamian

Denise’s casting work is full of fantastically entertaining projects, such as Minority Report, A Cure for Wellness, Deja Vu, The Maze Runner movies, the Transformer movies, Eyes Wide Shut, Big Fish, The Man in the High Castle, the list goes on and on.

Grab a seat and learn a little.

Episode 10 - Marsha Goodman

Marsha Goodman is a casting director that is responsible for a good many of the cartoons we all know and love. She got her start with DIC at the very beginning, she’s cast and voice directed everything from Inspector Gadget, The Real Ghostbusters, G.I. Joe, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, to Buddy Thunderstruck-- not to mention both the Old School and recent reboot of The Care Bears.