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Episode 10 - Marsha Goodman

Marsha Goodman is a casting director that is responsible for a good many of the cartoons we all know and love. She got her start with DIC at the very beginning, she’s cast and voice directed everything from Inspector Gadget, The Real Ghostbusters, G.I. Joe, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, to Buddy Thunderstruck-- not to mention both the Old School and recent reboot of The Care Bears.

Episode 07 - Corbin Bronson

Today we sit down with Casting Director Corbin Bronson.

Corbin’s seen and worked in a full range of areas in the business. He went from an agency to a management firm, learning the language of actors and all about their day to day lives, before moving on to work with Casting Directors and finally become one in his own right. And he’s worked on some amazing projects as a casting director, including Monk, Revenge, Lucifer, Eureka, and, most recently, Cloak and Dagger.