Charlie Chappell

Actor, Producer, Aspiring Human

Charlie Chappell is a Los Angeles-based actor and producer who is equally at home on both sides of the camera and behind the microphone. Though you’ll be able to see him next working under the direction of Vincent D'Onofrio and across from Dane Dehaan, and Ethan Hawke in “The Kid”, his producing experience spans more than a decade of Los Angeles based physical and post-production.

Fueled by his creative inclinations and a engineering background from the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Charlie’s early career in Los Angeles was focused in digital effects, editing and photo retouching. Several years managing a fashion photography studio was a springboard into independent producing and since then he has worked across a wide scope of mediums including the documentary Showrunners: The Art of Running A TV Show. Charlie’s dogged hard work ethic, and creative passion joined the Colaborator team to create the anthology series titled “Match” in collaboration with Sony. Charlie currently manages content creation and film professional curation, for a production hub for filmmakers, production companies, brands and agencies.

Maria Perry is a Producer and Host whose most recent projects include Epic Pictures’ Slay Belles and Short on Shorts, a short film review series from Colaborator. She is the producer of Placing Faces, and Operations Manager at

Maria has worked in the film industry off and on for the last ten years as a producer, costumer, and at times as a begrudging actress and background vocalist. But her real interest lies in writing and producing, and her strongest suit is organization, reliability, and management, which she leverages to keep Placing Faces running smoothly.

For her day job, Maria wears many hats at Colaborator: coordinating, scheduling, managing accounts, providing technical assistance, trouble shooting, and providing client services to companies and professionals alike.

On the average day, it’s a toss up whether you’ll find her on the computer or building a caravan set in a friend’s back yard, donning prosthetics for a pick up shot, or sending invoices and checking over spreadsheets. And that’s just the way she likes it.


Maria Perry

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The Casting Society of America (CSA) was created in February of 1982 with the intent of establishing a recognized standard of professionalism in the casting field and providing its members with a support organization to further their goals and protect their common interests.

CSA currently boasts more than 700 members. CSA Casting Directors and Associates work around the world, with members based in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and Africa. Today CSA acts as a global resource for producers, directors and creative teams seeking casting professionals, promotes the image of casting directors and associates worldwide, engages in a number of charitable activities, and supports its members by sharing important and helpful professional information of common interest.

Matthew Lessall is the current President of the organization, which is headquartered in Hollywood. Past Presidents include Richard Hicks, Chemin Bernard, Mary Buck, Pam Dixon, Mike Fenton, Jerold Franks, Robert Harbin, Beth Hymson-Ayer, and Gary Zuckerbrod.

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